Some Interesting Facts about Backlit Display Light Boxes

A light box may refer to a container having several light bulbs or other several light sources fitted in a box covered by a glass plate or by a plastic covering. A Backlit illuminated light box works on the principle of back light illumination, in back light illumination a light source is kept under a palate or a glass slab so that the imprints on the plate can be seen clearly in a condition when the surrounding light is highly intense . This technology is also widely used in LCDs of mobiles calculators etc. . . . In backlit illuminated display the light sources can be present either at the corners or at the centre or at both positions.

* Light box is generally used by the photographic professionals for viewing the transparent films, slides etc. When a light box is laid flat it is also known as light table, generally a light box uses light which is similar to the daylight(5000-6000 Kelvin’s (k)).This light is used because this type of light has uniform light strength on the glass plate and it also does no cause strain to the eyes.

* A device similar to backlit display light box is used by the doctors to view the X-Rays; this device generally consists of a white plastic sheet fitted on a opaque box which is having light source inside it.

* In the field of science light boxes are also used for observing the bacterial growth and allow better visualization of PCR plates.

* Lighted displays are generally used by the retailers for the publicity of their products, in these lighted displays generally some design is encrypted on a sheet of plastic and then that sheet is places over a box containing light sources. In earlier days these lighted display panels were made by simply placing the plastic sheet over the box which was illuminated by light bulbs or tube lights but now a day small LEDs are used for illumination. These panels are generally placed in shopping malls, cinema halls and over the shops, so to withstand the weather changes these panels are made water resistant.

* Light box is also used in fabric reflectors that are attached to the studio lighting through a connector for creating a soft lighting by diffusion of the strobe flash. These fabric reflectors can be of various shapes but now a day’s octagonal shape is used more widely, the interior reflectors used in the backlit display light boxes can be of white, silver or golden color to change the light’s temperature.

* A small variation of light box is a box that is opened at one end and illuminated at the two opposite ends; the box is made up of diffusing material to allow the proper diffusion of light in the box. This type of box is used in photography to take shadow free images.

Now a day’s light boxes are used in many fields including fields of research, medicine, etc. Duet to advancing technologies the light boxes are becoming better and more efficient.