FourTips To Help You With Professional Design

To create a professional design is no easy feat, a designer needs to keep the client’s specifications in mind and make sure that the project represents the concept that they have in mind. When you design you are telling a story through your illustrations by applying color, images and other features that bring life to an idea.

Sometimes it is just a matter of adjusting the text and making the background lighter but at times it can be more complex and will need adjustment of various little details, these details can only be captured by a trained and professional eye.

Here are 4 tips that can you help you with professional designs:

Making use of letter spacing and line height:

Contraction of the line height causes the type to be contained in a block. Transparency can be applied to a text so that the texture from the background can shine through and can also symbolize the message. If using an image as a background be sure you crop it so that it does not annoy the viewer when he/she is trying to read the text.

Contrasting Typefaces:

By using scale and application of various fonts, that can help put emphasis on the words. You can also create a visual hierarchy and for the color, for the font, you can use the tone from the background, but make sure that that the tone is contrasting the background as well.

Placement of text:

The placement of text in professional design is very important. You should always make sure that the breaking of the lines is proper and don’t interrupt the flow of your text, the lettering should be broken up the way it is intended to be read.

When a viewer takes a look at your design, there is a beat which he/she follows, once that rhythm is figured out then the designer can adjust the pattern and concept accordingly.

Overlaying photos:

You don’t always have to include text to create a professional design. By placing a background image on a grid-like pattern a textured image can be placed on the foreground and the transparency can be reduced by, let’s say 70%, and duplicated to form a stripe-like pattern. From there the image can turn out to have textured points and this can really help with the layout of the picture.


When you create a professional design you have a duty to captivate your audience. When you are involved in a project it can be hard to see what you are doing wrong, the tips listed above can help you out. Happy designing!

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