Different types of ids

There are various types of ids used in different states of America. As a proof of identity, you don’t have to show all of these. However, you might have to produce at least one. The most commonly used identity cards are licenses and social security cards. However, different states have different ones.

Let us take a look at the following list of ids that may help you decide which id would be the most ideal to fake in case you want to make one through a  fake id website.

1- License

A driver’s license is a card issued by the state authorizing a person to drive. It is issued by the state’s DMV. An equivalent non-driver id is also issued by the DMV to identify people who don’t want to drive or who are unable to do. This card can serve all purposes a license serves.

2- Birth Certificate

This is the single most vital document issued right after birth. This document establishes a baby born in the US as a US citizen through birthright citizenship. It forms the basis for all other identity documents. This document does not serve as an identification document though.

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3- Social security card

This card is issued by the Social Security Administration and contains the SSN or social securing number. It is not a compulsory document but it can serve almost all purposes if an identity card is missing or not present. As a result, most people residing in the US get SSNs.

4- Passport

The US Department of State issues United States passports or passport cards. Within the US, citizens who obtain passports are very few except those who wish to travel abroad. Passport cards can be used to travel to and from countries that share land borders with the US. However, they cannot be used internationally.

5- Credit card/ Insurance card etc

There are various other documents that can serve as identity proofs. However, these documents cannot serve as a primary proof of identity. These documents may be in the form of Credit cards or debit cards, insurance cards, employer id, student id, voter registration card etc.

So usually, the card you would like to fake would be either a license or a social security card. It is best to get a fake id from a fake id website that is both reliable and proven. The rate of fake id cards has increased in the recent years so make sure you get the right quality.